Company SOBRANIE is a manufacturer of the following trade brands: SOBRANIE, BUCHERON, SWISS ORIGINAL, SPORTMAX, CAFÉ CREAM, BOURBON, SENATOR, NAPOLETANO, ITALICA. Thanks to integration of Italian Coffee house CAFFE ITALO with an Yaroslavl factory, company SOBRANIE produces high quality production for consumers from more than 20 countries of the world.

Company SOBRANIE chose Yaroslavl Oblast as a manufacturing area to revive the traditions of Russian confectioners. The Yaroslavl factories as “Belfor”, established in 1902 by Kuznetsov, made Russian “sweet masterpieces” famous in Europe. More than 250 workers who obtained special education both in Russia and abroad work at the Yaroslavl factory. The production area is completed with high-technological modern European equipment. Thanks to an innovative approach and the policy of social responsibility in 2015 the company has gained an international recognition and a right to work on quality standards ISO 22000 : 2005.

The company SOBRANIE is uncompromising regarding the recipe and ingredient quality. For chocolate production elite level cacao beans from Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela, Ghana and Ivory Coast are used. Their transport, roasting, grinding, conching, molding and other stages of raw material processing are controls by experienced stuff. For coffee blending best coffee beans of four continents passed strict selection and roasted according to the original recipe under the control of experienced stuff are used.

The latest technologies and constant tendency for perfection of best roasters, process engineers and designers guarantee continuity of the company development and new SOBRANIE masterpieces appearing.