Ground coffee ITALICA is a new, innovative product designed specifically for connoisseurs of the excellent quality of instant and ground coffee. Thanks to a special superfine grinding the ground coffee with its peculiar, rich flavor now can be made as quickly as instant coffee. Coffee ITALICA is a blend of five best African varieties of Arabica. Roasting the beans in the traditional Italian way brings out the flavor fortified with citrus, vanilla and caramel tones. To enjoy the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee you only need to pour a spoon of ground coffee ITALICA with boiling water, to cover the cup with a saucer and to leave it for a minute for brewing. ITALICA coffee is the only ground coffee packed in a glass jar. By storing in a glass package, ITALICA coffee keeps its rich aroma of freshly ground coffee up to 12 months.


Roasted ground coffee (for making in a mug), weight 170 g.