LANCASTER represents the famous tea collection, created by English tea masters, in a new economical and convenient packaging. Now it's so easy to start a day with a sip of a perfect tea, leaves of which are selected by experienced master blenders of the traditional school and mixed with natural pieces of fruits, berries and flower petals. LANCASTER is an exciting journey through the world of tasty and healthy tea, which is accessible to everyone.

This tea is collected in the Chinese province of Yunnan, called «the land of eternal spring». It is charged with the power of the ocean breath and the energy of the wild mountains. To ensure that its natural bitterness and tartness  acquires a soft, seasoned sweetish and juicy taste, the tea is aged for several years under special conditions. Pu erh LANCASTER is a perfect drink for a morning energy boost.

Black chinese pu erh tea, weight 100 g